Sunday, 6 February 2011

New Holy Grail!

I'm not too big when it comes to higher end brands... well I wouldn't say that, more along the lines of I haven't started to dive into the higher end yet and emerge myself into the products. I'm more just slowly easing myself into it.
Anyway one higher end brand I have started to find myself turing to for new products is Benefit. Although I know this brand has been around for a while but keeping in mind I only joined the Beauty Community around a year ago many of these brands are only just names to me. Benefit is a cute, girly, good quality brand which has always caught my eye, and when Glamour was giving away a free Benefit product I couldn't resist the opportunity of trying out this new product.

Once knowing this with my friend I dragged her around 4 different shops to try and find a copy of the magazine. As I already knew word had spread about this freebie and shops were selling out fast. Luckily I managed to find a copy with the Benefit product I continued to purchase my magazine explaining to the cashier and my friend the excitement for this product.

So what was the point of my story? Well as well as trying to build the anticipation as to what this amazing product is (which really didn't work) why joy of wanting to explain the story behind this was an important way for me to remember how I came across my new holy grail but anyway...

What is this product? Its nothing else but Benefits Eye Bright! The first few weeks with this product I just used it to highlight my brow bone, but then I started to discover other ways I could use the eye bright to my advantage.
(Yes by the size of the stick standing up which is nearly finished =[ you can tell I like it. So I got out my back up to show you how much product you actually get)

Not only could I use it for my brown bone but I also started using it on the top of my cheekbones, down my nose and even on some days as an eye shadow.
For me this product has been not just a eye bright but a complete face brightener too! Without this my everyday make up look wouldn't be the same. But my favourite thing to use the product for is on my bottom lash line, this helps make my eyes look so much more awake and bigger, also as its more of a natural pink flesh colour, the eye bright does the job better than my NYX jumbo stick in Milk as its less harsh and looks more natural like I have nothing on.

So really what I'm trying to say is when your at the Benefit counter and testing some of Benefits signature products such as Hoola Blush, Coralista blush and lip and cheek tint head straight to the eye bright and try it out! Even if you just do a tester thats enough just so you can get a feel of why this product will never be leaving my make up bag!

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