Saturday, 26 March 2011

Foundation Diaries

I has been long overdue now, I finally decided I needed to dive into the huge world of foundation. Well I have used it a couple of times before but the colour match was never great so I just left it alone.
But recently I though I wanted to try it out again and when out with my mom today I decided to pick up a new concealer and foundation. For the concealer I decided to pick up the hugely buzzed about Collections 2000 Lasting Perfection in the shade Fair 1. Which is right to have the buzz about it, its brilliant! Works so much better than my ELF studio Concealer and I feel this will be replacing any other concealer I have for a while.
The reason I got Fair 1 you might ask, the lightest shade that they do, well I have the redhead gene in my family and have inherited their skin type meaning I burn a tad too easy which thankfully to my mom's skin type means I got brown after I've burnt but don't let my brown hair fool you, having brown hair just darkens me up a tad but sadly I don't have the skin type to accompany it (I know very confusing.) So due to this I have to always have the lightest shade in anything and everything skin related.

So when strolling through Boots I was headed towards the revlon section with my eye on their Photoready Make up Foundation, I had my colour (the lightest of course) and headed over to look at Rimmel. Big mistake! I picked up the New Lasting Finish 25 hour foundation in 100 Ivory, swatched it in the store and felt satisfied by the colour match, I took it home. It wasn't until I applied it and saw the damage it had caused. It's way too dark. Although the foundation is really nice, I have a great even coverage, helps with my oily skin and feels lighter than my tinted moisturizer, we still have one big problem which brings me back to my skin type. As always I also asked my mom and brother what they think which is the best way I feel to get a honest opinion of whether you look like a clown or not and even they agreed with me that it was way too dark.
The only way I have managed to save my face whenever testing it out is with bronzer, but for a good foundation I wouldn't really want to have to plaster the bronzer on especially when I may be in a rush. As a result this foundation isn't for me but apart from the colour it is well worth the money, which reminds me is on sale to promote it at Boots right now. So (need to stop saying that,) if you're in the market for a new drugstore foundation try this one out.

I know this is going to drive me crazy and result in a lot of foundation purchases to find the perfect bottle but I've decided to start with drugstore foundations first before I head into the even bigger world of the brand foundation.

Wish me luck.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Forever 21 Birmingham

I am lucky enough to be from Birmingham where the first Forever 21 opened last year. Although it is very easy for me to access I have no yet been able to spend a large amount of time searching through the store like I normally do (although I have visited it a couple of times.)

But thankfully they do have a website and after receiving a Forever 21 gift card from my brother for Christmas, I thought I would have a little look around their website, though I would say the store has a lot more clothes then on the website.

Although I was planning on using the gift card for getting myself a new Birthday Dress I couldn't help but maybe also purchase some other goodies too.
I don't actually have a leather effect jacket anymore but this jacket is a good twist on the traditional jacket
I think this jacket would be a perfect Spring jacket and would add a little spark to a simple outfit

Expanding my Blazer collection and I feel this would be the perfect member to join
Dress 1 Dress 2 Dress 3
Following the Jade ring trend and also the Pastel colour trend, also very very inexpensive
Very simple but statement rings

If you ever do get a chance to stop off in the Birmingham Bullring I would highly suggest that you stop off at the store. Its stood proudly next to Topshop (which I must admit is taking a lot of the limelight away from Topshop) It is not hard to miss. The first time I walked around the corner and saw the shop I found myself stood still with my jaw on the floor.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Foil Nails

I was messing around with my nail polish the other day and did this two-toned nail print with reminded me of foil.. strange I know but with a steady hand and patience (I have neither) this look could work out.
For this I used my nail polish set I got for christmas from Fearne Cottons Christmas line (which has now gone permanent.) Sadly the colours I used do not actually have any names on the bottles but you don't really need these spesific colours to create this look, it could be done with any, even other colours such as red and black, pink and blue, green and white, etc.
To get a straight line i used the manicure sticker lines to try and get a good clean line but obviously I failed.

Though Currently on my nails I am wearing my Marks & Spencers Perfection Nail Polish in Nude except for my pinky fingers where I am wearing OPI bring on the bling.

P.S. I was bored the other day and found a pair of eyelashes (as I have lost ALL of mine) and decided to try them out, kind of like them.

P.P.S. Do we like the new banner or the old one???

Saturday, 19 March 2011

70s Shorts & OOTD

Recently before celebrating St Patrick's day with my friends, I decided I really need some high waisted shorts, now I only have a red and white pair and they completely don't look good. But recently I've wanted some 70s style shorts, as a fashion student I have the advantage of talking to my teacher about up coming trends and one she discussed with me was the 70s, they are back this summer/spring!
I am now in love with these shorts and considering investing more in the high waisted trend, though I do warn you these shorts are getting harder and harder to find now so I do say if you see them just grab a pair.

Taking this opportunity I jumped on the 70s wagon and headed to my local New Look. While browsing the store I found them. Hidden in a corner behind the sales rack was my shorts. Out of excitement I grabbed 2 pairs and took them to the changing rooms. After trying them on I decided to go with a more fitted pair to get that tailored look and thank God I did they areamazing.
With these shorts I think I will be wearing the cropped flowy shirts more with the short, paired with some oversized 70s style glasses perfect for the summer to come.


For hair I just left it straight from the day before and put it into a messy high ponytail with random bits coming down and twisted my fringe and pinned it at the side for a little volume.
Nothing on my skin except some on my Benefit Dandelion Blush and some of my ELF concealer.
Base- Benefit creasless cream in sippin' n dippin'
Barry M Dazzle Dust in 44
Mac Pigment pot (not sure what colour as the label came off
Sleek In Pot gel eyeliner in Dominatrix
Benefit Bad Gal eyeliner
Revlon Double Twist Mascara
Rimmel London eyebrow pencil in 001 Dark Brown
ELF Wet Gloss Lash &Brow clear mascara
Gosh in Darling
Barry M lip Gloss in 11 Coral
Top - George ASDA
- Jacket Pacsun
- Jeggings - Next (though more jean than leggings as Im not a fan of jeggings)
- Bag - Miu Miu
- Necklace - Mixture of shark tooth, birth stone and Native sun design
Detailing on the top
P.S. I am working out how to do my OOTD's in a better way very soon, so just hold of for a little bit.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Casual Camel

I am a confessed online shopper addict, its no secrets and when I am scowling through each online shop when I see something I like automatically put it into an outfit. And when I was browsing ASOS I saw this gorgeous stripy jumper, straight away my mind paired it with a high waisted black leather skirt.
Because I do this quite often, I decided to put it into an outfit and why not share it.

- Bag from - Topshop
- Shoes - Topshop
- Bracelet
- Jumper - ASOS
- Skirt - Zara
- Ring - Topshop
- Tights - ASOS
I put tights with this outfit as it all connects better and any pattern tights would go well with this outfit. Its the great spring/coming out of winter blues outfit and considering its still cold here in England, its the perfect outfit.

Take The Super-Plunge

A new trend has crept upon us now and its the trend of the super-plunge. This has been worn by celebs such as Shakira, Jessica Lowndes and Katy Perry.
After spotting this trend in this weeks Looks magazine I decided to look into this trend a tad more; as my birthday is coming up I want to get a new outfit just to make it that little bit more special and after searching the web I think I found it.
From H&M online this gorgeous crinkle chiffon dress at £29.00. This dress comes in two colours a grey (which is the one I'm opting for) and a lovely powder beige.
As this trend is very low cut 'things' could start to move around, especially on a night out. If your a smaller chested then you should have any problems. But if you are like me and a bit bigger this dress can become an issue.
As a result I'm still going to carry on looking as this may not be my safest bet, as my birthday isn't till April I have a good amount of time to find the perfect outfit.
But if you was looking at a dress with the super-plunge use some boob tape and even some nipple covers if you want to go that extra mile.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Mini Haul

I quickly popped to the high street on my way back from university the other day and I picked up some goodies.
-Andrew Barton the straight answer - best head defense I've ever used but only available at Asda currently on 2 for £6.
- Benefit Creasless Cream in Skinny Jeans
-L'oreal Evlvive Deep Repair Masque
- OPI 'Bring on the bling'
- Herbal Essences limited edition shampoo and conditioner only available at Sainsbury's

Mermaid Hair

Well its not quiet secret with my friends and family that I have a long pure love for mermaids. I jut love! Any TV show or movie I've watched growing up and recently I have been trying to get some mermaid Jewelry to always have a mermaid with me.
After having a dream about mermaids last night I had to write this blog. Now I have to also admit that I have a little love for Tumblr... well more than a little, but if you don't know what Tumblr is, its basically a site to show your pictures and photography and view other peoples along with many other things and one thing that has been so popular is what I like to call mermaid hair. Now mermaid hair is the style of dying your hair bright colours with a pastel effect to them.
This look is becoming more and more popular within younger girls, however some celebrities are jumping on this trend such as Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and no suprice Lady GaGa.
Though this trend is very bold but still something beautiful about it shines through, you don't have to dye all of your hair. There are other ways also to wear this trend which is just dying the ends, thats it nothing too big or drastic done just simple.
Although this is a popular trend in America, it is slowly making its way over here to the UK and I think we will be seeing a lot more of this trend this summer.
this look could also easily be achieved by colourful extensions if you can't dying your hair or just want to change it up.
(All images from Tumblr, I do not own any)

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Bring On The Bling

I know I am so so late on this polish but I finally got my hands on OPIs 'Bring On The Bling' and I won't bore you with another review on this polish as there is many out there. But I have to say WOW! Move out the way interview nails, this is my new favorite. I just can't stop looking at my nails, so if you see this or can get your hands on it and haven't already got it. Check it out, its so worth it.