Monday, 21 March 2011

Foil Nails

I was messing around with my nail polish the other day and did this two-toned nail print with reminded me of foil.. strange I know but with a steady hand and patience (I have neither) this look could work out.
For this I used my nail polish set I got for christmas from Fearne Cottons Christmas line (which has now gone permanent.) Sadly the colours I used do not actually have any names on the bottles but you don't really need these spesific colours to create this look, it could be done with any, even other colours such as red and black, pink and blue, green and white, etc.
To get a straight line i used the manicure sticker lines to try and get a good clean line but obviously I failed.

Though Currently on my nails I am wearing my Marks & Spencers Perfection Nail Polish in Nude except for my pinky fingers where I am wearing OPI bring on the bling.

P.S. I was bored the other day and found a pair of eyelashes (as I have lost ALL of mine) and decided to try them out, kind of like them.

P.P.S. Do we like the new banner or the old one???


  1. Wow awesome nails that aren't easy to do! Great blog I'm gonna follow! :)

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