Monday, 19 December 2011

Runaway with my socks

It's no surprise that during winter I want to keep my feet nice and warm, and normally I'll be putting on my usual black socks. But this year I have decided to spice it up a little with my new obsession for patterned socks!

My love started off because of a pair with my favourite food on, strawberries. This escalated to animals including my favourite animal, Koalas (which meant picking up every colour possible.)

Other patterns I have are Aztec, pandas, racoons, bikes, polar bears, foxes, bows, New York, etc.

Whether your just hanging around the house or want to make a statement, this is a must have for my winter essentials. My favourite place to wear these socks is during a duvet day or a night in at a friends where I can some these bad boys off.

What's your favourite winter essential?

Aurora x

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) #6

To get myself in the festive mood I have started pulling out the christmas jumpers. My brother and I have been looking for christmas jumpers for the past 4 years and have had no luck, even turing to my nan for a hand knitted one. We had no luck until this year when I found a couple. One of which I wore today.

I found this jumper in Forever 21 for around £24, one unique part of this jumper is it's off the shoulder, and the christmas pattern is not too loud and wearable.

Trousers are also from Forever 21 for £21 which are high waisted and turned up around the ankles.

Aurora x

Friday, 2 December 2011

Early Christmas Present

So every year I get myself along with family and friends a Christmas present. Yes I have been told this is stupid but my thought is everyone should love themselves and love who they are, so what better way to show that than buying yourself a present.

My present can early this year as in the end of November. While shopping with my friends and wondering round the German market which I have to say is the biggest one outside Germany with 196 stalls, yes crazy! We headed over the the lovely piercing parlour we have where we had a piercing party. Something about piercings intrigues me so I was persuaded (very easily) to get my nose pierced.

Have such an obvious piercing I was a bit nervous about everyones reaction, especially at work due to the old fashion values everyone carries. It's been about a week since I have had it and after most people in my everyday life seeing it, it's finally been accepted.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Green With Envy

Over the past two months I have been making the hard decisions about my uni course, i.e. if I want to move to another course, do I start the year again, what happens if I can't move courses, etc. With this stress and the pressure from my family to "do the right thing by them", I have been trying to focus myself away from this subject onto little projects which shouldn't be my main focus right now. One for example is dying part of my hair green, yes green. Although this does sound crazy, stupid, and drastic, its not as bad as you think. Though this may not be liked by everyone, for example my dad, or my boss, but this was just something I could use to take my mind off my problems and stop myself from going into stress mode, which believe me isn't pretty or healthy.
I have been rocking this look for around three weeks now and have only had to reapply it once. I used Stargazers Turquoise dye and it did the job pretty well. The only problem I had with it was the mess it makes, if you are going to use the stargazer dyes for any dying I would say be ready for my walls, bath, and sink were stained after quite badly.

I knew straight after I dyed my hair that I would want to redo it again,in order for me to do this I purchased a dye brush so I could look a little more professional instead of using my fingers. I also purchased of Ebay 100 pairs of gloves to make sure them fingers of mine don't get stained.
Another part of me which made me want to do this was the fact I knew when I graduate uni (whenever that may be) I won't be able to have the freedom I havenow with the way I look. This is one part of the career zone which really grinds my gears. For example tattoos, as long as they aren't offending anyone I personally feel you should be able to make the choice for yourself if you want a tattoo and where the placement will be, but that is a whole debate which I'm not going to go into now.
By having the freedom now at uni to look how I wanna look I thought green hair was the most suitable for me. I've had a couple of comments now from having my green hair, but personally that doesn't bother me. I haven't dyed my whole head which I would have to accept people will comment but this is just another way for me to express myself through my looks and still feel comfortable and confident with myself.
Lipstick - Barry M in 121

How To Be Gentleman

One of the biggest trends I have been loving lately is the 'One of the Boys' trend, also known as the 'Menswear for Womenswear' trend. While getting ready to paint the town red with my friends I decided to play around with this trend but also try to stay as warm as possible without drowning in fabric.

The first layer is this gorgeous blouse from New Look which without the detailing on the collar, would make this the most boring shirt ever! I love wearing this shirt with denim shorts and thick tights to give the shirt a more playful feel and also skirts, I have my eye on this Boohoo skirt in black and mocha which I'm waiting till payday to grab. For bottoms I wore my Next jeggings, as I would be wearing heels I wanted to have a very fitted bottom half so my legs blended into the heels giving me the illusion of longer legs.
Next I layered this amazing H&M jumper I picked up, I really wanted this jumper in beige and black, but the H&M I was in didn't have my size. So I decided to pick up this gray colour instead which I am now obsessed with.
Wherever I am going during the day or night this would be the look I would wear inside. Its cute, fits with the trend, but also has a cute girly touch to it. You can choose whether to wear the bow on the outside or the inside of the jumper, I put it on the outside just so it didn't look too plain.
For travelling I decided to throw a H&M blazer I purchased last summer to keep me warm. You could wear any black blazer you have, I just chose this one as its fitted, warm, and was appropriate. This look reminds me of the 1920s gentleman's look, all I'd need now is my hat and cane, and I'm ready to go.
Because I was headed out for drinks with my friends I decided to wear some heels. Now this outfit is pretty dark as it is, so I added a pop of colour with these New Look berry heels.
This look could be very unflattering and boxy, so I decided for hair and make up I would go as simple as possible but still looking feminine.
Hair in a bun
Face - Mac Face and Body
Cheeks - Topshop blush in 'High Five' with NARS 'Orgasm' over the top
Eyes - Benefit Bad Gal Mascara
Lips - Barry M Lip paint in 121

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Christmas Ready Haul

Yes I have been spending again. But I have decided I needed to prepare myself for the christmas parties and meals by splashing out on new items.

My second purchase of Lush's Big shampoo and without this I have actually noticed a difference in my hair, it doesn't seem as freshly clean without it. So I had to pick another up, which also aloud me to browse around the Christmas Collection with is back out again.

I made it my mission to pick up a 17 Magnetized nail polish to see what all the fuss is about and ended up picking up three colours.

Sleek blush in 'Life's A Peach' - October I have just been wearing mainly coral cheeks, so I thought I needed to expand my collection of coral blushes leading me to this blusher.

When I arrived home I had a lovely parcel waiting for me from ASOS, not long ago they had 25% off for students and I took full advantage of this and picked up a few products.
Models Own 'Pink Fizz' and 'Emerald City', perfect for the Christmas party season for a bit of sparkle.
NARS Blush in 'Orgasm', yes I gave in and had to purchase it I couldn't help myself.

Aurora x

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Rainy Book Haul

I absolutely love autumn when it starts to get colder and all you want to do is stay warm, today is just one of them days. While it's heavily raining outside I'm happily at home warm doing university work, and I find it couldn't be a better day for a book haul.

Books are very important to me, I started reading very young and have always found a pleasure and comfort in completely loosing myself in a book and the story.

- Chosen (House of Night Series)
- The Lovely Bones
- The Red Queen
- Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bangs
- The Hunger Games Series

Aurora x

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Meal For Three

After a Sex and the City'esk meal last week with my girls, we decided to follow it up this week with another meal. After deciding where we wanted to go I wanted to channel Carrie ones again and opted for my White River Island loose shirt, charity shop barging skirt, H&M blazer, and Forever 21 necklace I was all set to leave.

After a lovely meal we decided to head to the cinema, something we haven't done in a while to carry on our tradition of watching the Paranormal Activity together. Huge disappointment, but o won't go into that.

Aurora x

Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Open Road

Yesterday I headed down to Southampton, my moms home to visit all of her family. Although I live over two hours away I still can't help but be close to them due to the way I was brought up. Southampton is my second home and one of them places I could spend all my time at and makes me happy. So as soon as my mom said we were heading down, I booked off work and packed my suitcase skipping to the car in excitement.

While I'm here it's full of visiting family, new babies, shopping, family meals, and watching Peppa Pig with my youngest cousin.

Aurora x

Friday, 21 October 2011

A Date With the Ladies

So today I headed to town with my lovely girls to have dinner at Bella Italia, (amazing!) and ended up going shopping. First stop was out meeting put which just so happened to be outside Hollister. Now I am not a Hollister fan at all, although I love the shop, the smell, and defiantly the man staff, their clothes just isn't my taste. But one section I couldn't stay away from was the perfume section, which wasn't as great as I though it would be. One thing which did attract me was their body mists, which I immediately started straying. With only three scents it wasn't hard deciding which body mists I wanted to take home with me, Laguna Beach, and Solana Beach, and with an offer of 2 for £15 wow!
What I wore
Dress - Forever 21
Belt - Primark
Necklace Forever 21
Due to not going out for dinner enough, my friend Angie decided she wanted a Sex and the City style meal, this meant dress to impress.

Today I had an appointment with my doctors, and while traveling there I decided I finally wanted to change my hair colour. This decition has taken months, after finally getting my natural hair colour back I decided I wanted to add some lighter shades to give it my depth and texture and the only way for this was blonde. So I headed to my Superdrug and skipped home hoping this would turn out right.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

OOTD (Outfit of the Day) #5

Dress - Internacional
Necklace - TopShop
Shoes - New Look
Bag - New Look
Today I headed to town to do a little more shopping, and by shoppingI mean christmas shopping. Yes some people may think its way too early to even be thinking about that but this year I want to be good and get it all out the way and not stress about what I have left to buy.
Although I set out with my hopes high and optimistic, and Jasper my skeleton I came back with nothing. Yes nothing. It seems as though my heart was ready for the gift of giving but my head and stomach was still too ill from my reflux I've had since last December. Though I am slowly getting better the realization that I can't have Reflux anymore and potentially having an experience which means we could have found the course but my situation just got a lot more serious is slowly creeping in.

Jeans - PacSun
Top - Miss Guided
Shoes - New Look
Belt Primark
To make myself feel better I headed to the pub to meet my friends for a couple of J20's, yes not my normal cup of tea but who can resist a glitter drink.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Cheeky Haul

One of the bad parts about uni is traveling home, although it takes me close to an hour and a half to get home, waiting for the bus can be the worse part. Partly due to the huge New Look my bus stop happens to be outside.

While waiting for the bus I decided to pop into the shop and find some shoes I have been lusting after for a while now. After finding the shoes and also picked up some other gems.
Jumper, Shirt, Bag, and shoes - New Look

Paired together
I wore this outfit with my new Burnt orange that I picked up online at Miss Selfridge in the sale.