Friday, 21 October 2011

A Date With the Ladies

So today I headed to town with my lovely girls to have dinner at Bella Italia, (amazing!) and ended up going shopping. First stop was out meeting put which just so happened to be outside Hollister. Now I am not a Hollister fan at all, although I love the shop, the smell, and defiantly the man staff, their clothes just isn't my taste. But one section I couldn't stay away from was the perfume section, which wasn't as great as I though it would be. One thing which did attract me was their body mists, which I immediately started straying. With only three scents it wasn't hard deciding which body mists I wanted to take home with me, Laguna Beach, and Solana Beach, and with an offer of 2 for £15 wow!
What I wore
Dress - Forever 21
Belt - Primark
Necklace Forever 21
Due to not going out for dinner enough, my friend Angie decided she wanted a Sex and the City style meal, this meant dress to impress.

Today I had an appointment with my doctors, and while traveling there I decided I finally wanted to change my hair colour. This decition has taken months, after finally getting my natural hair colour back I decided I wanted to add some lighter shades to give it my depth and texture and the only way for this was blonde. So I headed to my Superdrug and skipped home hoping this would turn out right.

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