Thursday, 6 October 2011

Holding on to summer

While loans are coming through students everywhere are spending, except this student. Though I have a deep burning urge to grab anything I can and spend, I find that for one the first times I need to stop and think do you really need to spend?

While I try to fight this ongoing battle I popped into boots on my way home from uni to find myself making a couple of shopping mistakes.

First I headed to Maybelline and picked up the one by one volume express mascara. Although I had heard many good reviews about this mascara, I just haven't found that love click of rushing my make up just top put it on.

Next my first mistake, I headed over to Barry M looking for a nice light red/pink, and I picked up a lip paint in 151. My favourite purchase in a long time! This lip paint just says summer buy is still soft enough to wear through fall too. When buying I didn't realise the packaging had been taken off and the tip of the lipstick had been crushed. Returning back to the shop it could not be returned due to the fact the packaging had been taken off, the reason I was taking it back.

Then I got distracted by one of the sands of the Barry M Vampire look. Loving this trend I was desperate to get the lip stick and I grabbed one straight away (my second mistake.) When got home I opened the lip paint to find out I had only picked up a black lip paint 37, Yes black. This is a lipstick which will be kept in my make up bag for that very rare occasion when black lipstick is needed... Whenever that may be.

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