Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Not Autumn Appropriate

Top - ASOS//Shorts - American Apparel//Necklace and hand bracelet- Kukee//Lipstick - Soap & Glory - Replumzle

I am aware this is not winter appropriate. Nor is it something I would really wear nowadays. My style is starting to change a bit lately. Winter is my favourite season for layering, and part of that style I have to be comfortable and warm. To me anything high waisted at the moment isn't comfortable and isn't something I will be wearing in the next couple of months. Although I am not a very colourful person when it comes to my style, I do extremely enjoy mixing up my textures and patterns. 

One thing I do know is when summer starts to make an appearances and its actually warm in England, I will be pulling out theses shorts as they are the best high waisted shorts I have come across and the cut and comfort is like nothing I have experiences even with none jean shorts. It sucks you in, Flatters all figures, and looks stylish. For the price of £52, this is a little much but with the amount of times I have already worn them I'm getting my moneys worth.

Amy x

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Winter Lips - Get The Courage To Wear It

If you want to make an outfit pop, or add something extra try a bold lip. Not everyone likes bold lips, I for one love them! Theres no better way to complete an outfit or take it to the next level than to wear a striking bold lip. 

If you like the look of bold lips but don't feel like you could brave it out and wear it I have a couple of tips for you. 

First the neutral lip, you need to be comfortable with the concept of wearing lipstick. If you are, great move on, if not try and wear it as many places as you can, even at home, or just to the shop. Getting yourself comfortable with lipstick is going to help your confidence when wearing a bold lip, and to be able to pull off bold lips you need to feel confident in it.

Onces you are used to wearing lipstick just bite the bullet and buy a bold lip. Any sort of bold lipstick will do. Whether is one you've seen on blogs, one you've been eyeing up, or just one to try out. 
With the bold lip its about building. 
Start by dabbing the lipstick to your lips and smooth it out with your finger. You wont get much pigmentation with this but you will start to get comfortable with wearing it. 
Once you have worn this for a while take it up a notch and pack more colour onto your lips building up the look.
One way for doing this is putting the lipstick onto your lips and using some tissue paper and blot the colour. This will instantly take the colour down and become a more wearable, softer colour.

Now its time to brave it and just wear the colour in its full pigmentation. The best time to wear this would be on a night out. If I want to try something new out I normally tend to do it on a night out. This is because I feel in the daytime I have nowhere to hide from daylight. I feel like everyone is looking at me more and I tend not to want to try it again. When on a night you have the confidence boost to attempt it. 
Amy x

Bargin Buys - Zara Edition

I have been struggling for the perfect winter coat since September now. I know exactly what I want. A long coat that hits the right point, doesn't swallow me, and is warm. I have searched everywhere to try and find one that hits all of the above, but no luck.

Zara is one of my favourite places to window shop. Although most of the time I never find much I like, I know what good quality their items are, and how well they last. I was browsing Zara and came across a new section called Special Prices, here I found my coat! I have seen this coat about, and was going to purchase a similar one until someone said, 'A winter coat should be easy to wear with anything. This is a big commitment for a everyday.' So I decided against It but still longed for a checked coat.

This coat was originally £70, but I got it for £40! To me that is a huge bargain for such a nice, well made coat. Even knowing this would be a hard coat to wear on an everyday basis, at this price you cant complain. Plus if I see another coat that takes my eye I won't feel too guilty purchasing another.

Grab one while you can!

Amy x