Friday, 25 March 2011

Forever 21 Birmingham

I am lucky enough to be from Birmingham where the first Forever 21 opened last year. Although it is very easy for me to access I have no yet been able to spend a large amount of time searching through the store like I normally do (although I have visited it a couple of times.)

But thankfully they do have a website and after receiving a Forever 21 gift card from my brother for Christmas, I thought I would have a little look around their website, though I would say the store has a lot more clothes then on the website.

Although I was planning on using the gift card for getting myself a new Birthday Dress I couldn't help but maybe also purchase some other goodies too.
I don't actually have a leather effect jacket anymore but this jacket is a good twist on the traditional jacket
I think this jacket would be a perfect Spring jacket and would add a little spark to a simple outfit

Expanding my Blazer collection and I feel this would be the perfect member to join
Dress 1 Dress 2 Dress 3
Following the Jade ring trend and also the Pastel colour trend, also very very inexpensive
Very simple but statement rings

If you ever do get a chance to stop off in the Birmingham Bullring I would highly suggest that you stop off at the store. Its stood proudly next to Topshop (which I must admit is taking a lot of the limelight away from Topshop) It is not hard to miss. The first time I walked around the corner and saw the shop I found myself stood still with my jaw on the floor.


  1. im in loveee with the black jacket! the back is so brilliant!

  2. i love the jacket! the lace back is so cute :) xxx

  3. so jealous you've got a forever 21! i went once a couple of years ago, to the new york one...fell in love with it! also love the black/lace jacket here:)

  4. Love the black jacket with the lase on the back, its so fab and cute! :)

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