Thursday, 25 August 2011

Winter Wonderland

If you don't already know Winter is my favourite season. Maybe because of the layers, the christmas spirit, the gathering of loved ones, or just for the fashion. Something draws me to this season very year.

One thing I do is start looking for my picks of the season early, finding out what trends will be being and having the first is a must have for me and this year is no exception. While searching for my trends there are some must haves I came across for winter.
Crew Neck Jumper - New Look £23
Knitted beanie - New Look £7
Boyfriend Jumper - New Look £28
Men's Flannel shirt - ASOS £30
Yes this is a mens shirt, but one thing I love is wearing over-sized shirts in the winter with leggings and a chunky scarf and one way to do this is with mens shirts.
red aztec print cape River Island - £40
beige navajo print jumper - River Island £38
ASOS Short Duffle Coat With Hood - £70
Joe Brown - £16

OOTD (Outfit of the Day) #3

Well summer is almost over and soon we will be pulling out all of the hats, scarves and boots. As sad as I am to see summer leave, I can't hold in my excitement as I know winter is just around the corner. I know winter is a strange season to have as your favourite. But there is just a joy of having to wrap up in all of your layers and jumpers and still trying to find a way to look stylish and cute at the same time.

This year I have already started going mad with a couple of purchases last month of winter hats and coats; and now its the start of getting all the inspiration for the layered look.
Dress - Camden Market
Jumper - New Look
Belt - New Look
Necklace - Portsmouth Market
Leggings - Dancers Leggings

Pretty Phone

One thing I have always struggled with is phone cases. I either don't like them, they break or they just get in the way. After having a number of phone cases I decided to give up and deal with the result of my phone being scratched. Well while looking through photos I came across this picture below of the studded white case.
After searching the internet high and low I decided to give up on looking for this case. Instead I headed over to my sewing box and gathered up the gold square studs I had been saving for an occasion like this. Once I had the studs I searched for my white silicone phone cover and started studding the back of the phone.
Although I can be creative; the rush I was in to stud the case, pack then head down South to my family was high, so there was no time to be creative and design my own pattern; so I slightly changed the design in the photo to fit my case. (After all this was the case I was trying to find, so why wouldn't I want to use the design.)

One disadvantage about this design is as the studs is having so much contact with different surfaces, the gold starts to wear away. There is nothing which will completly stop this from happening; but one way to prevent it is by covering the studs in a couple of layers of clear nail polish.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Long time, no blog!

Well, well, well... this has been a long time hasn't it. First of all it wouldn't be ladylike of me not to apologize for my overstayed absence. Yes I know I have used this excuse before but I have been extremely ill, that and I went on holiday. Yes that wouldn't take that long but a break from the beauty community is exactly what I needed due to the increasing amount of Gurus publishing sponsored posts I needed a break to see if I truly wanted to carry on being a part of the community; and like a fool I can running back.

So, with that out of the way I will be getting back into the swing of my blog. Thank you for not completely abandoning me and you will be hearing from me very soon.