Thursday, 25 August 2011

Pretty Phone

One thing I have always struggled with is phone cases. I either don't like them, they break or they just get in the way. After having a number of phone cases I decided to give up and deal with the result of my phone being scratched. Well while looking through photos I came across this picture below of the studded white case.
After searching the internet high and low I decided to give up on looking for this case. Instead I headed over to my sewing box and gathered up the gold square studs I had been saving for an occasion like this. Once I had the studs I searched for my white silicone phone cover and started studding the back of the phone.
Although I can be creative; the rush I was in to stud the case, pack then head down South to my family was high, so there was no time to be creative and design my own pattern; so I slightly changed the design in the photo to fit my case. (After all this was the case I was trying to find, so why wouldn't I want to use the design.)

One disadvantage about this design is as the studs is having so much contact with different surfaces, the gold starts to wear away. There is nothing which will completly stop this from happening; but one way to prevent it is by covering the studs in a couple of layers of clear nail polish.

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