Sunday, 27 February 2011

Fashion Interns and February Favorite's

So this past academic year has been a bit crazy for me, I am on a Foundation course studying Fashion and I am hoping to study fashion at University too. Not only have I been doing this course but I also decided what I want to go into as a career, and this is magazine work. By magazine work I mean beauty and fashion related and for this I understand I have to do some magazine interning. So the plan now is to search for these vacancies... not as easy as it looks.

Finally being able to say and just knowing what I want to do with myself is such an accomplishment. For a long, long time I had no idea what I wanted to do. I always knew it was something to do with fashion but knowing specifically what I want to do is such a huge achievement for me.
Now for my February Favorites I have decided that because I am a busy student, when I find a new routine of how I want my make up to look I tend to stick to it for a while.. well until I become obsessed with something else. I have decided for my monthly favorites I will only be doing these every other month and because I did January, there will not be one this month. This just makes it a whole lot easier and convenient.

Hope your all well

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Wearable Jessie J Brit Awards inspired Make up

While scanning through the online fashion websites its obvious Jessie J is huge right now! So when I came across a picture of her at the Brit Awards I couldn't help but think that she always has such strong, bold make up. Her look is very dark and not everyone could pull this look off like her, especially someone like me. Personally as I have bright blue eyes wearing heaving black or even a little black all around my eyes isn't very flattering. So I decided to try an more wearable look which could be worn anywhere not just too the Brits (though we would love to go).
First I primed my eye with Urban Decay Primer Potion
Then I put Barry M's Dazzle Dust in 44 and put it all over my lid.
Next I got from Barry M number 53 and put this on the outside of my eye blending it into the 44 and also taking it through the crease.
Then I just went back and forth building on the colour getting it to the depth of brown that I wanted. You could also carry on with this to increase the colour for a more smokey black eye
After I just got my ELF Studio Cream Eyeliner in black and lined my upper lash line.
Then from 17 Moody Blues eye duo I used the white to highlight my brow bone and the inner corners of my eyes.
Then I got my Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in zero and lined my upper water line, my lower water line and also just on my lower lash line with a thicker line on the outside gradually getting thiner towards the inner corners of the eye.
Last I used my Revlon Double Twist Mascara in Blackest Black.
For lip I have three options, From the top is Natural collection in Cherry Red, NYX Semi-permanent lip tint rouge in wine and ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Strawberry. These are all very daytime colours and suit the look perfectly.

For face Jessie never seems to have any contouring or blush on, so this is optional for if you want to fully achieve the Jessie J look. But she does always have a very matte coverage for foundation.

Although this is not an exact copy of Jessie J's make up I tried to create a more everyday wearable look inspired by her.

What's in my purse?

This tag is normally done on youtube, but since I don't have a youtube I'm working with what I have and moving ahead with this tag.
For my bag most people I know have one bag which they use for university and everyday, I on the other hand find it way more convenient to separate these two. So this is just my everyday bag.
My bag is from Warehouse, I got it for my birthday last April and I have been wearing it to death.
First things I have our my poka dot umbrella from H&M, my 2011 Paris diary I got from, my passport and an empty 17 notebook just incase I need to write something down.
Next is my purse, its a flat wallet and I wanted one with studs for a long time and finally found one from a shop in London under the brand Fornarina. In here I have my bus pass, cards, student car, Forever 21 gift card and many train tickets and notes.
Then I have my iphone and ipod, I have a lot of songs so I find having an ipod makes it easier rather than using the one on my phone. Then I have my keys and some Lip Smackers in a Lip Smakers case I got from Ebay.
I also have a mini emergency Kit which I got from which I don't use too often but just in case. I have a hand sanitizer which I always use before I eat (the reason I think I don't get ill too often) and just a Lip Smacker in Strawberry Watermelon from Starbust collection and an Urban Decay Lube in Tube in Miami. Last I have a mini perfume from Next in Pure Passion which I never really use.

Thats it for my purse, I don't really have too much in there at the moment as I have to swap some of my stuff into my school bag. What's in yours?

Friday, 25 February 2011

Hair Hype

Long hair is something which has been in style for a couple of summers, but recently I've come to notice a new trend appearing and its in the style of the bob! The bob has been taken into the 21 century and has evolved into a couple of different variations of the style.

This was all brought on by seeing Keira Knightley cut her hair a couple of months ago, to Jennifer Anderson also sporting the look this week, which made me stop and notice short hair is coming back!
Here are just a few examples of the 21 century bob

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Departure From Beauty

This is not a normal post to me, its something completely separate from beauty and all that jazz. Nope this is about books and books are something so special to me which I have carried with me since since I was around 9 when my love started to grow outside of school. Something about picking up a book and completely diving into the world of these words and thinking about nothing else except this book. The one way I can tell if I am truely enjoying my books is when I start to think about when I can read the book next or screaming "No" in my head when I have to put it down. And the way I can tell if the book was ......... is weeks months and even a couple of years in some cases is when something happens and it takes me back to a part of a book I read, then I know I truely have been affected by the book.
There is nothing more I enjoy more then bringing home new books I just brought, opening them and finding a place to put them on my bookshelf (which is impossible now as I have completely no room for any books,) the smell of a new book, the feel and the pages which haven't been touched or worn away.
But the feeling of finishing a book is one you always take away with you; a happy and sad moment as the story, the people you have become so familiar with and even attached to nothing else to say, it ends there. This can be such a depressing feeling leaving you craving more, trying to fill your need with another book and starting the whole chain again.
But the feeling can as be good, feeling like you have achieved something and as soon as you close the book you take a deep breath and remember the story with a smile on your face. This isn't just for the story but also the fact you get to start the whole thing over again.

The last 5 books I have read in the past.. 7 months
1. Dead Until Dark (True Blood Series) - Charlaine Harris
2. Marked (House of Night Series) - P.C. and Kristin Cast
3. Dear John - Nicholas Sparks
4. Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty
5. Shiver - Maggie Stiefvater

Currently I am reading 5 books... well no all of them, but they have been started. With books if they are from a series I can't read one after the other, I have to have a break and read something inbetween. Even with books I have fell deeply in love with this happens as reading too much of it would put me in a state of mind where I just don't want to read the book and all fun would be taken out of it. So I stopped reading some of these books.
1. Message In A Bottle - Nicholas Sparks
2. Betrayed (House of Night Series) - P.C. and Kristin Cast
3. Style - Lauren Conrad
4. Linger - Maggie Stiefvater
5. Living Dead in Dallas (True Blood Series) Charlaine Harris

There wasn't anything exactly that I wanted to share but books is something which anyone can do and even if you don't like reading because you think its not for you or because you think its boring, maybe you haven't found the book for you. There are so many different types of books which go out of your normal fiction/non fiction bubble; if you like finishing, gossip, cooking or even beauty, there is a whole world of books out there and you can learn so much from this world.

Interview Nails

While in Southampton for an interview and visiting family my OPI 'Last Friday Night' started to chip and peal quite bag, I took this opportunity to head down to the shop to grab myself a new nail polish.

I headed over to Marks and Spencers to search there for a colour, I have previously tried some of their Essential Collection Polishes and loved them so I headed over to the Beauty Section knowing what colour I wanted and to my surprise I found it straight away. This was from a collection called Perfection this nail polish is a quick dry polish with ceramic Technology.

In the colour 'Nude' with three coats on. Perfect way to describe is its an eggshell colour, perfect for my interview.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

My Everyday Make Up Storage

Many People when storing their make up normally put it all in a make up bag, I used to do this with my lime green Glitzy Glam Waffle Weave make up bag. But once I started to get more products finding what I wanted when doing my make up always became a problem plus the lining ripped around the embelishment. I wanted something which I didn't have to empty when applying it all, I wanted something which can still keep all my make up tidy when I want to find something.

So when moving my room around it came to me, I'd seen it before but it was just such a good idea... why not have all my make up in a Cake Stand! So I searched around and found the perfect stand which matched my room and had three tier cake stand from Homebase, this was 7 months ago and 7 months later I am still as happy with my set up as I was when I first stored it out. Though I do have a large amount of make up (not as much as some Gurus but I'm happy with what I have,) I decided that to only put only my everyday make in the stand.
However as this is meant for cupcakes there is the a design also on the bottom of each section, this meant that at first all my products kept falling through whenever I moved something. So I got some paper and just covered up the holes in the bottom which has helped greatly.

As I said this is not all of my make up and by only having what I use on a day to day this makes it so much easier for me to get what I need when I am in a rush rather than an overflowing cake stand frantically searching for my eyeliner when I am running late.

OPI Katy Perry Collection

Two things I really do love are music and make up and on the very rare occasion that they combine, it always results in something amazing and here is an example. It's OPIs limited Edition Collection collaborated with Katy Perry for her latest album Teenage Dreams.

I was really intrigued to try this collection out not just because I love OPI but Katy Perrys new album is AMAZING! So I headed online and decided to get the mini collections.
When I first saw the collection I wasn't too impressed with it as the colours didn't look exciting or stand out something which I would have expected from a collection with Katy Perry. It just didn't scream wow! But I purchased it anyway honestly I have to admit just because it was Katy Perry; but I am so impressed with it! The staying power, the pigmentation and the application.

OPI always have adorable names when it comes to their Polishes and they didn't hold back with this collection, there are 4 Nail Varnishes in the Collection each named after a song from Katy Perry's latest album Teenage Dream, 2 coloured and 2 glitters.
After seeing some of the glitter polishes from other collections such as The Alice inWonderland Collection and Burlesque I had very high expectations for the two glitter polishes.
First in the is 'The One That Got Away' this is a darker red/pink colour with gold undertones in it, this isn't one of the polishes which stood out for me straight away but after testing it although the colour is what it looks like in the bottle, there was just something which made this colour my appealing. I've been wearing this for the past 4 days and none of my nails have chipped yet which is normally a big problem with nail polishes for me.
The next one is I think my Favourite and has been raved about so much, if you see this in stores or online grab it! This polish is becoming more and more harder to find. The polish I am talking about is 'Teenage dream'. This is a gorgeous pink with pink and gold glitter in, the gold glitter is larger than the pink glitter so it reflects more in the light showing green, blue, yellow and many other colours.
The Next one is Teenage Dream and as you can tell by the bottle I like this one, but its actually just used once! I put around 3 coats of for this colour but I think I prefer only 1 or 2 coats as the blue colour shows through more and you get a really nice delicate colour. This is different from the Teenage Dream as it is just full of chunky glitter and hardly any actually colour base.

Last is the colour I'm still not sure I will ever wear, even though it has one of my favourite names due to her song just a little, its 'Not Like The Movies'. This was kind of disappointing for me and may be why I'm still not sure about, I would have loved this colour to be more exciting. Once on the nails it just looks bland, and leaves me with the impression its just another grey nail varnish not something I really want to wear.
The colour is a Gun Metal grey with red, green and blue undertones in.

Also there is another Polish which is in the collection but not in the minis, this is a polish called Black Shatter. This is a dupe for The Barry M Instant Nail Effects Black Magic although OPI has a thiner formula to Barry M leaving a more defined shatter to the nails.

You can find this collection sold in most Drugstores in the US and for theUK from
Amazon (,
Ebay ( which is where I purchased mine from

Also if you haven't already check out the album behind the collections 'Teenage Dreams', its a big hit and has so many songs on there which you are bound to love.