Thursday, 17 February 2011

My Everyday Make Up Storage

Many People when storing their make up normally put it all in a make up bag, I used to do this with my lime green Glitzy Glam Waffle Weave make up bag. But once I started to get more products finding what I wanted when doing my make up always became a problem plus the lining ripped around the embelishment. I wanted something which I didn't have to empty when applying it all, I wanted something which can still keep all my make up tidy when I want to find something.

So when moving my room around it came to me, I'd seen it before but it was just such a good idea... why not have all my make up in a Cake Stand! So I searched around and found the perfect stand which matched my room and had three tier cake stand from Homebase, this was 7 months ago and 7 months later I am still as happy with my set up as I was when I first stored it out. Though I do have a large amount of make up (not as much as some Gurus but I'm happy with what I have,) I decided that to only put only my everyday make in the stand.
However as this is meant for cupcakes there is the a design also on the bottom of each section, this meant that at first all my products kept falling through whenever I moved something. So I got some paper and just covered up the holes in the bottom which has helped greatly.

As I said this is not all of my make up and by only having what I use on a day to day this makes it so much easier for me to get what I need when I am in a rush rather than an overflowing cake stand frantically searching for my eyeliner when I am running late.

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