Saturday, 26 February 2011

What's in my purse?

This tag is normally done on youtube, but since I don't have a youtube I'm working with what I have and moving ahead with this tag.
For my bag most people I know have one bag which they use for university and everyday, I on the other hand find it way more convenient to separate these two. So this is just my everyday bag.
My bag is from Warehouse, I got it for my birthday last April and I have been wearing it to death.
First things I have our my poka dot umbrella from H&M, my 2011 Paris diary I got from, my passport and an empty 17 notebook just incase I need to write something down.
Next is my purse, its a flat wallet and I wanted one with studs for a long time and finally found one from a shop in London under the brand Fornarina. In here I have my bus pass, cards, student car, Forever 21 gift card and many train tickets and notes.
Then I have my iphone and ipod, I have a lot of songs so I find having an ipod makes it easier rather than using the one on my phone. Then I have my keys and some Lip Smackers in a Lip Smakers case I got from Ebay.
I also have a mini emergency Kit which I got from which I don't use too often but just in case. I have a hand sanitizer which I always use before I eat (the reason I think I don't get ill too often) and just a Lip Smacker in Strawberry Watermelon from Starbust collection and an Urban Decay Lube in Tube in Miami. Last I have a mini perfume from Next in Pure Passion which I never really use.

Thats it for my purse, I don't really have too much in there at the moment as I have to swap some of my stuff into my school bag. What's in yours?

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