Saturday, 22 January 2011

Bring The Burch To the UK!

As like many people I am a strong watcher of the Beauty community on YouTube and have filled many hours of searching and watching Guru's and out of all of these video's there has always been one thing that sticks in the back of my mind whenever I think about what I wish I could buy and that is the Burchbox. For those who are not familiar with the Burchbox it is a US based company which each month send out a box full of 5 decent sized samples from brands such as Laura Mercier, Benefit, Nars, Two Faced, Stila, etc. With this comes a card of all the products, what they do and how to use them. Not only is this an amazing way to get a feel of some of them products you have wanted to try out, the Burchbox is only $10 per month!

Sadly this is only available in America and as much as I've grieved over this amazing find, there is no way I will be able to get my mitts on this. As well as being on my list to check up on every month, the Burchbox is in need of a replacement in my heart. So the search begins now, if there is anything that can replace the Burchbox I would LOVE for it to appear in my inbox... but as an average girl that I am, we all know that this will never happen.
For you lucky USA people -

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Party Nails for Everyday Too

Whenever its time to take off my nail varnish and choose a different colour, I always have the worst time choosing what colour to go next. As we are still in winter darker colours are still very much in and after a long debate about what colour to put on, I decided to try something new and go for a look which is still festive but still keeps christmas alive with a hint of party style but can still be worn in the day time.
This discovery was a 'Im not sure whether it would look but hey ho letstry' project where the results actually amazed me and now I'm in love with this new combo.

After prepping my nails I started by using Barry M's 167 (which has a nice undertone of purple/blue) and only applying one coat, normally if you was to wear this on it's own it would need two coats. This was purchased in the Birmingham Clothes Show Live goodie bag and I'm not sure if you can actually purchase it, but any silver polish will do for this look.

Next I applied one coat of Collection 2000's 105A Starry Silver Glitter. As there is blue and pink sparkle chunks in the polish; I wanted to make sure that I distributed them evenly which took me 2 coats to do. If your not happy with the evenness of the sparkle chunks you can always

Lastly I put two coats of clear nail polish to hold in the polishes and ensure that it lasts longer.

However there are two catches to this look, 1st. as it has glitter and sparkle chunks in the surface of the nails will be a bit rough instead of smooth which doesn't bother me, but if it does maybe this isn't your cup of tea. 2nd. this is TERRIBLE to get off! I had to resort to picking it off which wasn't very nice.
P.S Sorry about the bad quality photo's there's were taken on my iPhone and very quickly.

Mermaid Nails!

(Previous Post from Last summer)

I was watching a beauty guru on YouTube doing the tag 'Top 10 Summer essentials', and for nails she picked up OPIs Mermaid To Order which is a green/blue metallic colour. So I set out to find this colour for summer but a UK dupe for it.

In the end I found a

colour by Rimmel London called 819 'Green With Envy'. I had to put two coats of this colour on an it turned out as a metallic green with blue undertones.

This is an AMAZING colour!

The formula is thick and glossy and the first coat dried under 60 seconds but the second coat took around 1 to 2 minutes. Its the most gorgeous colour

for a nail varnish and stands out along side a tan.

I would recommend this colour to anyones summer for sitting on the beach or even sitting in your garden, this colour on your toes would stand out

Friday, 14 January 2011

Friends In My Bath

Now this isn't what your thinking! No it's something completely PG... or you could even say U.Every year my mom gets me and my brothers a joke present for christmas, I know christmas was over a month ago but I wanted to fully test this product out aimed at children.
As a child it was no secret that I loved bubble baths, I remember saying to my mom 'I wish I could have bubble baths more than once a day'. So now older I've had my fair share of trying and testing out different bath products, and to me bubbles are the main part of a bath.

I got 2 of these 'joke' presents this year, one from my mom and another from my aunt, and I was given with and Peppa Pig Bubble Bath Statue! Yes no joking, I got Peppa Pig bubble bath! He stands 10 inches and stores all of the product inside his body. For a child's presents this was actually a really good product, first opening it it smelt amazing! Peppa smells of strawberries milkshake and sherbet, although this could seem like a very powerful smell it wasn't at all, when pouring the product into my bath the smell seemed to calm down and create a simple strawberry smell.

Too add to this amazment I was given from my aunt a friend for Peppa Pig, I got Upsy Daisy from In the Night Garden which I haven't had the pleasure of using yet but looking at the product and by the smell, I'm guessing that its exactly the same as Peppa.

For the lasting of the bubbles, they lasted around 30 minutes which for a cheap child's product is amazing and not only did they last but it produced thick fluffy bubbles with a hint of the strawberry coming off. Not only was it a cute gift but also it's one which isgood quality and will get good use out of it.

Although I haven't seen these in many shops I did see it in Sainsburys for around £3 or so, which for a good product is very cheap!

Ins and Out


The Rachel Zoe Project - After seeing an advert for it on BBC Three and being interested in Fashion myself I had to have a look at the woman behind the glasses who I always see on E News but never knew what she was like. After seeing just one episode of her I was totally hooked. As well as being a stylist for the stars and dressing Cameron Diaz and Demi Moore for the 2010 oscars she even has her own clothing like House of Zo! This womanis amazing and as well as seeing her style stars we also get to travel with her to fashion shows all over the word and even spend time with her at New York and Milan Fashion Week and all the designers, I was in heaven!

The natural look- Recently I've gotten back into my Gel eyeliner and doing the 'natural look/no make up' look. This started after realizing I wear to thick liquid eyeliner and wanted to look more natural. There is just something so appealing to me about looking natural and showing it off to people.


Biting my lip - One habit I just can't break which has been getting to me for years, I can't stop biting my lip! After all the soreness and cuts I am soooo over this habit but they only thing is, I don't know how to break the habit!!!

Dry Skin - Winter is my favourite season but one down fall about it is the dry skin and its making me mad! I've never really known what to do about dry skin except put my Nivea Creme on it and hope it goes away, but after ready Pixiwoo's blog and youtube videos about Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream I am on a mission to get it next time I am close toa Boots, Finger's crossed this will help end my problem.

Alcohol - You could call me a social drinker as I do have the ocational drink now and again, but after christmas and New Year I think I can admit I had a little to drink. I also had the pleasure of helping my friends mom with a suprise birthday party where alochol didn't go down so well with my stomach. Yes I got ill and not just a normal hangover, I got Reflux from it! Reflux is when acid from the stomach leaks into the gullet affecting everything I eat. I know how appealing and I had this for about 2 weeks which meant a sober new year for me and watching what I ate.
Due to this experience my stomach still isn't good now with taking alcohol which I guess is a good thing.

Get Your Free Nails Inc Polish

While searching for an article for my university work I came across a lovely post which had 2 pieces of information which will make you stop and think really?

1st. Once again Diet Coke and Nails Inc have teamed together to produce a limited edition mini line of nail polishes in 4 amazing colours!
2nd. You can get one of them or all for free by doing just one thing.

All you have to do is go into your Local Boots and buy two 500ml bottles of Diet Coke and you will be given your free bottle of Nails Inc. It's that simple. Amazing!

Return of the blog

I'm back!
Not that anyone knew I was gone.. but after searching the web for good blogs to follow, following them religiously and not being satisfied with not very frequent posts going up (every hour would be fine,) I have decided to recreate my deleted blog (which I do regret deleting) and locate them somewhere on the Internet which I know are here.

So why am I here?
Because I have a ridiculous obsession for make up and fashion as do many girls, but I think I have made my friends and family sick to death with the words make up and fashion... even my brothers. So if I can't tell them I can tell someone right?... not that anyone will even find this but I guess this is just a place for me to talk to someone about little things I find amazing, even if it is only me reading it. This will become notes to myself and an excuse for me to get out of my university work or take a break as I call it. But I won't just be talking about fashion and make up, there will be other side notes about random things which even I don't even know about yet.

So here goes,

I am Aurora and this is my messy, amateur and pointless blog.

Nice to meet you