Sunday, 16 January 2011

Party Nails for Everyday Too

Whenever its time to take off my nail varnish and choose a different colour, I always have the worst time choosing what colour to go next. As we are still in winter darker colours are still very much in and after a long debate about what colour to put on, I decided to try something new and go for a look which is still festive but still keeps christmas alive with a hint of party style but can still be worn in the day time.
This discovery was a 'Im not sure whether it would look but hey ho letstry' project where the results actually amazed me and now I'm in love with this new combo.

After prepping my nails I started by using Barry M's 167 (which has a nice undertone of purple/blue) and only applying one coat, normally if you was to wear this on it's own it would need two coats. This was purchased in the Birmingham Clothes Show Live goodie bag and I'm not sure if you can actually purchase it, but any silver polish will do for this look.

Next I applied one coat of Collection 2000's 105A Starry Silver Glitter. As there is blue and pink sparkle chunks in the polish; I wanted to make sure that I distributed them evenly which took me 2 coats to do. If your not happy with the evenness of the sparkle chunks you can always

Lastly I put two coats of clear nail polish to hold in the polishes and ensure that it lasts longer.

However there are two catches to this look, 1st. as it has glitter and sparkle chunks in the surface of the nails will be a bit rough instead of smooth which doesn't bother me, but if it does maybe this isn't your cup of tea. 2nd. this is TERRIBLE to get off! I had to resort to picking it off which wasn't very nice.
P.S Sorry about the bad quality photo's there's were taken on my iPhone and very quickly.

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