Friday, 14 January 2011

Friends In My Bath

Now this isn't what your thinking! No it's something completely PG... or you could even say U.Every year my mom gets me and my brothers a joke present for christmas, I know christmas was over a month ago but I wanted to fully test this product out aimed at children.
As a child it was no secret that I loved bubble baths, I remember saying to my mom 'I wish I could have bubble baths more than once a day'. So now older I've had my fair share of trying and testing out different bath products, and to me bubbles are the main part of a bath.

I got 2 of these 'joke' presents this year, one from my mom and another from my aunt, and I was given with and Peppa Pig Bubble Bath Statue! Yes no joking, I got Peppa Pig bubble bath! He stands 10 inches and stores all of the product inside his body. For a child's presents this was actually a really good product, first opening it it smelt amazing! Peppa smells of strawberries milkshake and sherbet, although this could seem like a very powerful smell it wasn't at all, when pouring the product into my bath the smell seemed to calm down and create a simple strawberry smell.

Too add to this amazment I was given from my aunt a friend for Peppa Pig, I got Upsy Daisy from In the Night Garden which I haven't had the pleasure of using yet but looking at the product and by the smell, I'm guessing that its exactly the same as Peppa.

For the lasting of the bubbles, they lasted around 30 minutes which for a cheap child's product is amazing and not only did they last but it produced thick fluffy bubbles with a hint of the strawberry coming off. Not only was it a cute gift but also it's one which isgood quality and will get good use out of it.

Although I haven't seen these in many shops I did see it in Sainsburys for around £3 or so, which for a good product is very cheap!

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