Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Spring/Summer Wishlist - Harrods Edition

Spring and Summer are two of the best season for Fashion. One thing I love is bringing some bright fun colours into my wardrobe for a bit of life and freshness. After wrapping up all winter, Spring is what I call the transition stage for summer. Its the stage where you come out of hibernation, you gradually start to strip back them layers, start exposing your scary pasty legs and start slapping on the tan. For spring I like to bring both my winter and summer clothes together by wearing a colourful dress, but keep my tights on and adding a thinner Spring friendly cardigan. 

One of favourite things to do for Spring is shop! I bet that didn't surprise you. But Spring is the best times to pick up them new pieces to add to your wardrobe. Just by changing up your accessories you can completely change up your wardrobe making yourself Spring/Summer ready. 

As I am going to London next month, I recently went onto Harrods online accessories department to brows a little and see what Spring/Summer accessories they had. This resulted in a little wishlist which we all know ends in us getting overly excited and wanting everything our eyes lay upon. 

Now I must say, when looking through the accessory section each item I chose here have not only been chosen because I like them and they are spring appropriate. But also because I loved these items in many different colours. For example the Marc by Marc Jacobs watch came in three colours and I could not choose between this lovely Red or a neon pink. Neons are huge around the Spring/Summer time, and if you aren't daring enough to walk out in a neon dress or trousers, a watch it's the perfect place to start and still pull the trend into your outfit. 

Next are the sunglasses, one of the most important items to when when the weather warms up and the sun wants to make an appearance. Not only are they protecting your eyes, but they look good too and come in all different shapes and colours. I was instantly drawn to these because of the shape. Although they are a more rounded frame;which happens to be very on trend this season. But because they are a very subtle rounded shape they are easier to pull off and not feel like a bug. Also as they are a softer shade and shape, I think these would compliment most people.

Ah sandals, my go to shoe in the summer. If you ever see me out I can guarantee I will have a pair of sandals strapped to my feet. I prefer to go for black sandals due to how versatile they are. Especially with a pair like these Alexander McQueen sandals, at £395 black is your best option. You could practically wear them with everything! Guarenteing you your moneys worth. And as I will be wearing sandals all summer so why not do it in style. I am debating saving up the money and buying these lovely shoes.

One thing I love to do when I'm running a quick errand is just take my purse with me. I find this so much easier as I'm not rummaging round my bag known to my friends as the Mary Poppins bag; this also gives me a good excuse to have an extremely gorgeous purse, and purse shop more than a normal amount. This Vivienne Westwood purse  is THE purse for spring/summer. Once again going back to the trend of neon but this would also make a lovely clutch for a night out if you were daring enough to take it out. As soon as I saw it i absolutely fell in love with it. Its the perfect size, colour, and its so simple yet so stunning. 

Now every girl has one item she always has in the back of her mind. And item that that she compares every bag she sees to and wants every bag she sees to be. This for me is a Mulberry Bayswater. These bags are so timeless and sophisticated. One thing I had with bags is when they are too big that everything just falls to the bottom and you struggle to find anything (which I am guilty of too.) When I went onto Harrods I have to admit handbags were the first section I went to, and when I saw that they were in no shortage of Mulberry bags I got excited. Mulberry just seem to know how to get it right for me, not only is this a classic bag but the range of colours would set any bag lover jumping. I found a couple of spring bags by Mulberry I couldn't choose between but decided this pistachio colour is nothing like I own or have seen. Its the perfect bag to add a big of spring to your wardrobe, even if you're like me and still wearing your monochrome colours. This is bag screams Spring perfection to me. And one day hopefully I will own one.

Last is this amazing Alexander McQueen scarf. Two years ago McQueen came out with the extremely well known and popular skull scarves. As much as I do love them, I wanted to step away from it a bit and when I found this Dragonfly scarf I instantly wanted it. It still has some subtle skulls around the boarder of the scarf but its full with some beautiful pastel Dragonflies; not only is it a delicate piece but what makes me love it so much is the way it seems to drape and fall so effortlessly. 

Amy x

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