Thursday, 24 February 2011

Departure From Beauty

This is not a normal post to me, its something completely separate from beauty and all that jazz. Nope this is about books and books are something so special to me which I have carried with me since since I was around 9 when my love started to grow outside of school. Something about picking up a book and completely diving into the world of these words and thinking about nothing else except this book. The one way I can tell if I am truely enjoying my books is when I start to think about when I can read the book next or screaming "No" in my head when I have to put it down. And the way I can tell if the book was ......... is weeks months and even a couple of years in some cases is when something happens and it takes me back to a part of a book I read, then I know I truely have been affected by the book.
There is nothing more I enjoy more then bringing home new books I just brought, opening them and finding a place to put them on my bookshelf (which is impossible now as I have completely no room for any books,) the smell of a new book, the feel and the pages which haven't been touched or worn away.
But the feeling of finishing a book is one you always take away with you; a happy and sad moment as the story, the people you have become so familiar with and even attached to nothing else to say, it ends there. This can be such a depressing feeling leaving you craving more, trying to fill your need with another book and starting the whole chain again.
But the feeling can as be good, feeling like you have achieved something and as soon as you close the book you take a deep breath and remember the story with a smile on your face. This isn't just for the story but also the fact you get to start the whole thing over again.

The last 5 books I have read in the past.. 7 months
1. Dead Until Dark (True Blood Series) - Charlaine Harris
2. Marked (House of Night Series) - P.C. and Kristin Cast
3. Dear John - Nicholas Sparks
4. Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty
5. Shiver - Maggie Stiefvater

Currently I am reading 5 books... well no all of them, but they have been started. With books if they are from a series I can't read one after the other, I have to have a break and read something inbetween. Even with books I have fell deeply in love with this happens as reading too much of it would put me in a state of mind where I just don't want to read the book and all fun would be taken out of it. So I stopped reading some of these books.
1. Message In A Bottle - Nicholas Sparks
2. Betrayed (House of Night Series) - P.C. and Kristin Cast
3. Style - Lauren Conrad
4. Linger - Maggie Stiefvater
5. Living Dead in Dallas (True Blood Series) Charlaine Harris

There wasn't anything exactly that I wanted to share but books is something which anyone can do and even if you don't like reading because you think its not for you or because you think its boring, maybe you haven't found the book for you. There are so many different types of books which go out of your normal fiction/non fiction bubble; if you like finishing, gossip, cooking or even beauty, there is a whole world of books out there and you can learn so much from this world.

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