Sunday, 6 February 2011

January Favourites

So its that time of the month, Favorites!

This month with make up I've been trying to go for that natural 'I haven't even tried' make up, so this meant good coverage and obviously not a lot of make up.

Getting straight into it; first is my love my Benefit Eye Bright, this is amazing for me and I'm not going to go into much detail due to my last post but without this activating my natural look would not be possible.

Another Benefit product is my Benefit Dandelion Blush. Although I did get this product in January, its suck in my go-to product for blush all month. First I though the colour was way too light for me as on the back it claims its a blush and also brightening face power I was a little skeptical but after researching into it I tried it out on my cheeks and its the perfect light natural blush. Wearing this just gives me a little hint of colour passing for a natural flush.

Then is my sleek palette, I personally think this is the best palette. As a neutral girl it does everything I need it too, such as I use the number 11 and 12 palette to fill in my eyebrows, after putting my primer on I use number 6 straight on my crease and then I use number 12 on the centre of my eyelid to line it for a more natural look.

Next from my Urban Decay NYC Palette for the inner corners of my eyes Ive been using Snatch, its this amazing pink colour with gold undertones and also gold glitter. It leaves this amazing sparkle which catches the light. I also pull this under my bottom lashes to balance out and dark circles I have.
Also from the Palette I use the oh so famous 24/7 eyeliner in Zero on the upper tear-ducks of my eye... don't know what I mean? Well its hard to explain but its the bit under your top eyelashes. But lining them it gives a natural effect that your lash line is much thicker.

One this I have learnt from the beauty community is that drug store mascaras are just as good or even better in some cases as higher end ones, this being said I think I may have found one. All my mascaras I have at the moment and amazing but when it comes down to taking them off, they just don't want to budge! But with the Natural Collections Lash Build Mascara in Brown/Black comes straight off. The brush is so think with bristles that every lash gets coated and leaves with this flutter of lashes.
Another mascara I have been using is MUA which is from Superdrugs own collection where everything is just £1! Yes thats right £1 and for that this is such a good product. I picked it up after telling my cousin I want to find a good brown mascara and she recommend it. For a natural look this is the best you can get, its a good formula, doesn't clump and it doesn't flake under your eyes. All in all I am very happy with this little bargin
One of the most well know perfumes the DKNY Be Delicious is one that I've wanted for a while and for christmas my dad brought me the mini gift set which was a moment for me I have to admit. And ever since that day I have been mainly using it! Its amazing! I had the dupe for it which is Butterfly from Marks and Spencers but it's just not as fresh as the Be Delicious.
If you haven't tried this yet go to your local boots or department store and ask for a sample, I now know what the bus is about.

Aussie Miracle Colour Insurance Leave In Conditioner a hair product which will be in my monthly favourites for a while but without this my hair feels so brittle its simple saved it. I only put this on my ends as it is a leave in conditioner but the smell iswhat gets me every time.

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