Saturday, 26 March 2011

Foundation Diaries

I has been long overdue now, I finally decided I needed to dive into the huge world of foundation. Well I have used it a couple of times before but the colour match was never great so I just left it alone.
But recently I though I wanted to try it out again and when out with my mom today I decided to pick up a new concealer and foundation. For the concealer I decided to pick up the hugely buzzed about Collections 2000 Lasting Perfection in the shade Fair 1. Which is right to have the buzz about it, its brilliant! Works so much better than my ELF studio Concealer and I feel this will be replacing any other concealer I have for a while.
The reason I got Fair 1 you might ask, the lightest shade that they do, well I have the redhead gene in my family and have inherited their skin type meaning I burn a tad too easy which thankfully to my mom's skin type means I got brown after I've burnt but don't let my brown hair fool you, having brown hair just darkens me up a tad but sadly I don't have the skin type to accompany it (I know very confusing.) So due to this I have to always have the lightest shade in anything and everything skin related.

So when strolling through Boots I was headed towards the revlon section with my eye on their Photoready Make up Foundation, I had my colour (the lightest of course) and headed over to look at Rimmel. Big mistake! I picked up the New Lasting Finish 25 hour foundation in 100 Ivory, swatched it in the store and felt satisfied by the colour match, I took it home. It wasn't until I applied it and saw the damage it had caused. It's way too dark. Although the foundation is really nice, I have a great even coverage, helps with my oily skin and feels lighter than my tinted moisturizer, we still have one big problem which brings me back to my skin type. As always I also asked my mom and brother what they think which is the best way I feel to get a honest opinion of whether you look like a clown or not and even they agreed with me that it was way too dark.
The only way I have managed to save my face whenever testing it out is with bronzer, but for a good foundation I wouldn't really want to have to plaster the bronzer on especially when I may be in a rush. As a result this foundation isn't for me but apart from the colour it is well worth the money, which reminds me is on sale to promote it at Boots right now. So (need to stop saying that,) if you're in the market for a new drugstore foundation try this one out.

I know this is going to drive me crazy and result in a lot of foundation purchases to find the perfect bottle but I've decided to start with drugstore foundations first before I head into the even bigger world of the brand foundation.

Wish me luck.

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