Friday, 11 March 2011

Casual Camel

I am a confessed online shopper addict, its no secrets and when I am scowling through each online shop when I see something I like automatically put it into an outfit. And when I was browsing ASOS I saw this gorgeous stripy jumper, straight away my mind paired it with a high waisted black leather skirt.
Because I do this quite often, I decided to put it into an outfit and why not share it.

- Bag from - Topshop
- Shoes - Topshop
- Bracelet
- Jumper - ASOS
- Skirt - Zara
- Ring - Topshop
- Tights - ASOS
I put tights with this outfit as it all connects better and any pattern tights would go well with this outfit. Its the great spring/coming out of winter blues outfit and considering its still cold here in England, its the perfect outfit.

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