Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Green With Envy

Over the past two months I have been making the hard decisions about my uni course, i.e. if I want to move to another course, do I start the year again, what happens if I can't move courses, etc. With this stress and the pressure from my family to "do the right thing by them", I have been trying to focus myself away from this subject onto little projects which shouldn't be my main focus right now. One for example is dying part of my hair green, yes green. Although this does sound crazy, stupid, and drastic, its not as bad as you think. Though this may not be liked by everyone, for example my dad, or my boss, but this was just something I could use to take my mind off my problems and stop myself from going into stress mode, which believe me isn't pretty or healthy.
I have been rocking this look for around three weeks now and have only had to reapply it once. I used Stargazers Turquoise dye and it did the job pretty well. The only problem I had with it was the mess it makes, if you are going to use the stargazer dyes for any dying I would say be ready for my walls, bath, and sink were stained after quite badly.

I knew straight after I dyed my hair that I would want to redo it again,in order for me to do this I purchased a dye brush so I could look a little more professional instead of using my fingers. I also purchased of Ebay 100 pairs of gloves to make sure them fingers of mine don't get stained.
Another part of me which made me want to do this was the fact I knew when I graduate uni (whenever that may be) I won't be able to have the freedom I havenow with the way I look. This is one part of the career zone which really grinds my gears. For example tattoos, as long as they aren't offending anyone I personally feel you should be able to make the choice for yourself if you want a tattoo and where the placement will be, but that is a whole debate which I'm not going to go into now.
By having the freedom now at uni to look how I wanna look I thought green hair was the most suitable for me. I've had a couple of comments now from having my green hair, but personally that doesn't bother me. I haven't dyed my whole head which I would have to accept people will comment but this is just another way for me to express myself through my looks and still feel comfortable and confident with myself.
Lipstick - Barry M in 121

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