Friday, 2 December 2011

Early Christmas Present

So every year I get myself along with family and friends a Christmas present. Yes I have been told this is stupid but my thought is everyone should love themselves and love who they are, so what better way to show that than buying yourself a present.

My present can early this year as in the end of November. While shopping with my friends and wondering round the German market which I have to say is the biggest one outside Germany with 196 stalls, yes crazy! We headed over the the lovely piercing parlour we have where we had a piercing party. Something about piercings intrigues me so I was persuaded (very easily) to get my nose pierced.

Have such an obvious piercing I was a bit nervous about everyones reaction, especially at work due to the old fashion values everyone carries. It's been about a week since I have had it and after most people in my everyday life seeing it, it's finally been accepted.


  1. It looks lovely! I've been wanting to get my nose pierced for at least a year now but haven't yet plucked up the courage - I'm not sure what my parents would say!