Friday, 22 April 2011

I feel WICKED!

On Wednesday I got to London with two of my friends for the day to do some shopping, tourist stuff for the Royal Wedding coming up and the main reason, to see WICKED on the West End.

First we headed straight to Big Ben to head to the Queens Park next to Parliament, with food in hand we spent about an hour with a picnic as England has been having really hot weather lately.
A bit of sun and the whole of England strip!
Then we headed over to The Abbey and Buckingham Palace too see some of the preparations and I can tell you every person I know except for one or two people aren't interested in the Royal Wedding at all, me being one of them. But looking at some of the decorations that are already being put up makes me even more patriotic and want to watch the wedding.
Then we headed over to see WICKED! All I knew about this show was it was the untold story of the Wicked Witch of the west and little bit about her from the Wizard of Oz and how she was actually misunderstood. And I have to say this this the BEST show I have ever seen! I was amazed at how WICKED fit in so well with Wizard of Oz and how the story unraveled and you become so attached to the character Elphaba (The witch). One main aspect which made the show that much more wonderful was Rachel Tucker, she played Elphaba and has already been seen on the BBC's I'd do anything to reach the Semi-finals. She has been said to be one of the best witches they have had since the original witch Idina Menzel.
If I could I would see this show over and over, if it was the only show I could see for the rest of my life, (a big statement I know!)
After this experience we headed over to Oxford Street to have dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. Yes this is a place for young kids but the last time I went to one I was 5 and in Florida, this would be a whole different experience.


  1. Love your photo's...London's so fun!!! Aw I really want to see Wicked...I think I'll defo be going now after what you think :D thank you!

  2. wonderful photos!!! it looks like you had such an amazing time <3