Monday, 22 April 2013

Where Have I Been & Update

Hi there! I know its been a while but now I'm back.. if you knew I was gone in the first place. April has been a CRAZY month for me. Well first the biggest thing is I turned 21! And thats where I start at the beginning of April. Where I had my first present and me and my boyfriend went to Paris for 5 days! This was such an amazing experience! From the food, to culture, to the history. This experience is one I won't be forgetting. So if you're considering going to Paris, even for a weekend I would highly recommend going. 
Once I was back I had two weeks till I would turn the big 2, 1. which obviously meant  a party was in order. And this took up a lot of time. From sorting out family who were traveling in, to food going wrong, all the way to what on earth and I going to wear!!

Well this past week happened to be my birthday and party which as you would imagine I am just getting over now. I spent my birthday shopping and eating at my new favourite South American restaurant called Bodega and with my family on the evening. 

But the party was amazing! And now the month is coming to an end I can say this has been one of the best months I have had in a long long time. But now its nearly over I can finally get back to my usual routine and start uploading again. 

Amy x

P.S. Im going to do a post on my birthday outfit

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