Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Year, New Challenges

Happy New Year!

Yes I know I am very late with this post and this isn't my first post of the year, but I thought I would do a new years resolution post anyway.
I know not everyone likes resolutions and not everyone sticks to them, but every year I try to make sure I have one resolution which I have to stick to and complete and over the past two years this has mainly been academic based resolutions which I have been lucky enough to achieve.
My education is important to me, and being lucky enough to go to university I want to make sure I make the most of this experience and achieve my goals in order to set my life up in the vision I image it to be.

So this year it's another academic resolution, along with a couple of others

1. Make sure I pass my first year of University
I'm never going to get where I want to go if I don't achieve this, and getting this far with my education and failing now would be extremely upsetting for me and hugely disappointing. Last year I was unlucky enough to be quite ill most of the year and I haven't had the best lucky with starting this year off with a Chest Infection on New Years Eve. But I can't let this stop me, I need to get my lazy butt up, push the aches and pains of my illnesses to the side and say I will do everything in my power to ensure that I pass this year.

2. Move University Course
Many people have made moving course sound the easiest thing possible, well when investigating this situation I found moving course can be a cruel, judgmental and a harsh barrier to battle. One of my biggest problems is not fitting in, many people have this problem but in my course it seems like I'm the only one who doesn't fit in due to my laid back style and openly accepting views on what 'The Look' of Fashion actually is. Turns out if I want to make my mark in moving course I have to change my part time job, my views on fashion, and update my already expanding knowledge of fashion. To me this makes me think is it worth it?

3. Be stronger
I am the type of girl who depends on herself a lot, I keep my feelings in, I talk myself through problems, and rely on myself to carry on with working when I have no energy or can't find the inspiration I'm looking for.
But recently I've been finding myself worn out a lot and either giving up or not having the energy to try. Due to depending on myself I should have more self belief that I can achieve things and I will if I try my best and don't give up. If I try to be strong this year I will be able to achieve anything and not let myself give up, I'll be able to handle more and take on more too. Juggling and learning to balance out my university work, keeping healthy including sleeping, and keeping my job.

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