Friday, 22 February 2013

Change is Coming

So... someone has neglected their blog jussst a little bit. BUT I have made a vow, and I will not do this again. As dedicated as I am, I have decided to take my blog in the direction of just fashion. 

Fashion is a big part of my life; and deciding what to wear each morning is a challenge I look forward whenever I wake up. Along with the mass amount of shopping I do, I thought I'd share my outfits on my blog.

Sadly I do not actually have a post for you today, due to loosing sunlight today and not having a great set up yet. Though I have ordered my tripod and am testing out areas of my house, I should be up and running this time next week which I am extremely excited about. 

Also I know my blog layout is a little messy at the moment, but please bare with me while I get everything back in order. 

In the meantime thanks for sticking around (if you have) and I hope you enjoy.

Amy x 

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