Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Products I regret buying

While cleaning my make up storage I came across a product I was was so excited to use but very disappointed about when I finally did get it.

The product I'm talking about is Benefits You Rebel Lite, I heard such good things about this around last summer and since I had been going through a tinted moisturizer stage I decided to try it out at a counter. I wasn't sure about this product so I did test it out a couple of times before I brought it and had no problems with it, so I decided to buy it. As soon as I got home thats where it started to all go wrong.
I opened the product and the smell was the first thing that hit me and not even in a nice way. As soon as i put it on my face all I could smell was dead flowers (I know weird) which really was putting me off. Then the colour was next, I went with the lite colour due to my very light skin, but as soon as I looked at the product it was this light yellow colour strangely but I kept an open mind and blended it in. The finish is not what I expected too, as I have oily skin I avoid oily products at any cost and this product left a matte finish but if the skin was touched it was a sticky wet feeling which finally pushed me over. I've tested this product out a number of times but get the same finish each time even when powdered underneith. As a result this product is pushed to the back of my make up storage just to be ignored and wasted.
I am not saying this is a bad product and not to buy it but just it didn't work for me at all and I could have spend my time with another product which work well for me and my oily skin.

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